The Last Word in Cooling Efficiency

ChillTech is the comprehensive solution to the challenges of cooling and water supply. Our units provide an efficiency boost of up to 40% over current Combined Heating and Power (CHP) and diesel generator solutions without the need for a separate cooling tower — substantially reducing both operational costs and environmental impact.

ChillTech chillers are high-deployability units which fit seamlessly into your existing genset or CHP setup. Designed to operate in extreme environments, our units represent a leap forward for organisations dealing with refrigeration or water supply issues in hot climates.

Learn more about ChillTech and the applications of our technology.

Air Conditioning

ChillTech offers highly efficient, reliable cooling units designed to fit easily into any existing air conditioning system. Both our standalone and externally powered models deliver a significant reduction in cooling emissions and energy costs at far higher ambient temperatures than other solutions.

Water Manufacture

ChillTech lets you turn hot, humid air into cool water. Using our innovative condenser in tandem with the EGC17 MultiPack set, our units not only provide a continuous supply of chilled air but also water for industrial use or human consumption.


Both individual ChillTech units and MultiPack solutions are a step up for any property requiring sub-cooling. Thanks to their small size and ease of installation, multiple units can be installed across a single location, providing multiple redundancy and continuity of service in case of generator or grid failure.