ChillTech are field leaders in cooling and heating solutions for all environments, whether on- or off-grid. Our systems represent a leap forward in performance and cost efficiency over the industry standard.

Optimised to work with existing diesel genset, gas turbine, or CCHP systems, and directly using the exhaust heat to drive the cooling/heating process, our units are designed to provide a diverse range of businesses and facilities immediate reductions in operating cost, with minimal capital expenditure. Without the need for three-phase power or a cooling tower, our absorption chillers are easy to install and operate, being as close to “plug & play” as it is possible to get. Low maintenance costs and a long unit lifespan, together with remote control and monitoring capability — even in remote or difficult to access areas — make our products a safe, secure, reliable investment.

Ever greater extremes of weather due to climate change will lead to ever greater demands for power for heating and cooling. According to the OECD and the International Energy Agency, the consequences of extreme heat will likely affect 75% of humanity over the next 30 years. As many as 4 billion people will require space cooling to mitigate these risks.

Of the 2.8 billion people already affected today, only 8% have access to cooling, compared to 90% in the USA or Japan. This means that energy use for space cooling will likely triple over this period, the equivalent of adding 10 new A/C units every second for the next 30 years, which is like adding the entire current annual usage of the USA, Europe and Japan all over again.

The consequences of energy poverty in the developing world include losing as much as 50% of all fresh produce, because it cannot be kept cold, or there is no effective cold chain distribution; or being unable to preserve vital medicines and vaccines, a critical issue in the time of COVID.

Coupled with an expanding population heading for 10 billion and a rising global demand for a better standard of living (for which electrification is a key component), we are heading for what the  IEA calls “the coming Cold Crunch”.

More and more industries are being impacted by climate change and consequent legislation. ChillTech products can be integrated with existing green technology, substantially reducing many of the environmental problems associated with conventional cooling systems. Our units are highly energy efficient, do not use CFCs or HCFCs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions — allowing your facility to meet otherwise unattainable green targets.

As new markets emerge, whether in off-grid and poorly grid-served regions, or increasingly in the deployment of micro grids around the world, addressing issues of resilience and an ever more stretched grid infrastructure, and demand for cooling increases, businesses need to invest in solutions, which guarantee cost-efficiency and minimise environmental impact. ChillTech units provide a transformational level of performance at low cost, helping to safeguard the future of your business and significantly reduce its environmental impact.