Food Transportation

ChillTech announces the development of its new cooling unit for refrigerated transport, running off the exhaust of a truck, delivering cooling free of both cost and greenhouse gases.

In many areas of the Global South, food waste, due principally to lack of a cold chain for transport and distribution, runs at levels over 50% and even up to 65% for certain staple products. And the lack of Cold Chain is mainly down to the cost of fuel for running conventional cooling systems.

ChillTech’s patented system for both fixed and mobile applications eliminates fuel cost and so makes it possible to have both affordable cold storage and refrigerated transportation, delivering significant cost savings, better economic opportunity, and reductions in Greenhouse Gases from food waste, currently running at an annual rate of 4.4 gigatons of CO2e .


Refrigeration (storage)

With capacities of between 18 kW and 300 kW, and temperature ranges of 3C to 18C, we deliver cold storage solutions with zero fuel cost and zero CO2. Our chillers can be run off waste heat from any generator, including hydrogen, and also off direct fired heat, or biomass. We are actively working on solar solutions as well, such that our technology can be deployed in almost any situation.

Refrigeration (transport)

With cooling capacities from 4 kW to 7 kW, designed for refrigeration of trailers up to 40/50’, and temperature ranges from 3-18C, our thermal compressor TRUs run off the engine exhaust gases, providing 100% cost- and CO2-free refrigeration. Back-up power from gas and solar is also provided, making the unit entirely self-contained.

Air Conditioning

ChillTech offers highly efficient, reliable cooling and heating units designed to fit easily into any existing air conditioning system. Both our stand-alone and externally powered models deliver a significant reduction in cooling emissions and energy costs at far higher ambient temperatures than other solutions.