London, 28th August 2018

ChillTechnologies Granted Patents in Waste Heat-driven Absorption Chilling

“We are delighted to announce that the UK Intellectual Property Office has confirmed the grant of two patents relating to our unique designs for delivering free chilling and heating using waste heat,” said Michael Keane, Executive Chairman of ChillTechnologies Limited, a UK-based engineering and development company, specialising in ultra-low cost green cooling and heating products. “We are now proceeding to extend these patents worldwide and, at the same time, looking for partners and investors to work with us, as we further develop these and our other designs.

In a world beset by both the consequences of climate degradation and the mass movement of refugees and migrants, due to political and environmental instability, not to mention the disparity in income and basic services between the rich world and the rest, our ability to deliver free cooling and heating, by the simple expedient of plugging the exhaust of a diesel generator or gas turbine into our chillers, offers the chance both to lower costs and carbon generation (operation of one of our chillers can save tonnes of CO2 from being generated each year), and to offer cost effective and essential cooling and heating services to those in dire need, who would otherwise have no access to such services.

When upwards of 40% of all fresh produce is spoilt in many parts of the world, because it cannot be kept cold, and for those same parts the diesel generator is the standard means of energy production, the ChillTechnologies solutions can be plugged into that generator with ease and make a meaningful difference to economic and social conditions. The same applies to schools, hospitals, offices and homes in those regions.

But it applies equally to the world of Combined Cooling Heating and Power (“CCHP”) in the rich world, as many seek the benefits of cleaner energy production from smaller scale gas turbines, with which our products work equally well.”