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ChillTech EGC17

The ChillTech EGC17 brings the ability to capture waste heat to the sub-50RT end of the market. Based on the GC17, the EGC17 delivers a step change in fuel efficiency by enabling the EGC17 to attach simply to an alternate heat source — typically a gas-fired generator. When fired entirely by waste heat, however, net energy costs can be almost entirely negated.

Addition of the EGC17 to a conventional CHP setup delivers tri-generation, or Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP), allowing the simultaneous delivery of heating, cooling and power from one system.

Dual mode

Where heat from generator exhaust is either intermittent or insufficient, the EGC17 comes with dual mode capability which allows users to supplement low grade alternate heat provision with internal gas burners to maintain consistent cooling output levels. Dual mode also enables a full range of power settings, allowing users to move smoothly between fully waste heat-powered or self-sufficient as needed.

A direct connection to the turbine exhaust simplifies the system design and eliminates the need for intermediate heat exchangers and other hardware elements which increase installation costs and may degrade performance. Its sophisticated on-board control system allows the EGC17 to integrate and communicate readily with other control environments.

Scaling to meet demand

The EGC17 readily scales up via the ChillTech MultiPack product to deliver increased cooling load up to 30RT (105kW). For more information on the MultiPack system, head over to the product page.


  • Output: 5 Refrigeration Tons (RT) or 17.6kw
  • Output temp: 7°C
  • Space cooled: 250m² (@30°C)
  • Ambient operating temp: 15°C to 53°C
  • Coefficient of Performance: (CoP): 0.68
  • Power: 208/230V 50Hz or 60Hz – single phase
  • Weight: 475kg
  • Dimensions: 144(h) x 86 (d) x 139 (w)

Operational benefits

  • Saves money through waste heat capture
  • Reduces waste heat emissions
  • Saves up to 100% of fuel costs
  • Reduced demand charges
  • Simplified zone control
  • Low power requirement (1.25kw)
  • Ideal for peak shaving
  • Integrates to building management systems
  • No capacity loss overtime

Service and installation

  • Configured off-site and pre-tested for ease of installation
  • Install and test in a day
  • Single point utility connection
  • Easy service access from single front panel
  • High quality and reliability, less maintenance
  • Sealed systems, fewer moving parts, less noise/vibration
  • No compressor unit to maintain and replace
  • No cooling tower reduces maintenance costs
  • Roof-mounted, frees space in machinery room
  • Minimal costly roof penetrations
  • No expensive three-phase upgrade
  • Lowest whole-life cycle costs