ChillTech GC17

ChillTech AC500The GC17 is designed to provide comfort cooling in residential and commercial buildings as well as process cooling for commercial and industrial applications. The size of a US family fridge and approved for outdoor installation, it is self-contained, air cooled and runs on natural or propane gas-fired burners.

With excellent performance at far higher ambient temperatures (up to 52°C) than alternative systems, the GC17 uses ChillTech’s proprietary heat exchange technology to achieve the highest operating efficiency in its class.


  • Output: 5 Refrigeration Tons (RT) or 17.6kw
  • Output temp: 7°C
  • Space cooled: 250m² (@30°C)
  • Ambient operating temp: 15°C to 53°C
  • Coefficient of Performance: (CoP): 0.68
  • Power:208/230V, 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Phase:single phase
  • Weight: 475kg
  • Dimensions:144cm (h) x 86cm (d) x 139cm (w)

Operational benefits

  • Saves money where gas price is low
  • Reduced demand chargers
  • Simplifies zone control
  • Low power requirement (1.25kw)
  • Ideal for peak shaving
  • Integrates to building management systems
  • No capacity loss overtime

Service and installation

  • Single point utility connection
  • Easy service access from single front panel
  • High quality and reliability, less maintenance
  • Sealed systems, fewer moving parts, less noise/vibration
  • No compressor unit to maintain and replace
  • No cooling tower reduces maintenance costs
  • Roof-mounted, frees space in machinery room
  • Minimal costly roof penetrations
  • No expensive three-phase upgrade
  • Lowest whole-life cycle costs