The ChillTech MultiPack system offers a highly efficient, cost effective route for businesses scaling up to meet customer demand for increased capacity. MultiPacks are available in any configuration between two and six GC17 or EGC17 units, delivering up to 30RT (105kW) of cooling output.


Fully assembled and factory-tested, MultiPacks are integrated onto skids with built-in plumbing and controls. Where outdoor protection is required or where the user needs a portable and immediately working solution, base units can be incorporated into a customised, permanent 20-foot container with single point connections for electrical power, water and gas lines.

The more advanced, containerised PowerChill product combines the very best of ChillTech’s design and engineering. It comprises an EGC MultiPack, waste heat recovery from a suitable diesel generator or gas turbine, advanced container design, onboard gas compressor, and a sophisticated control system. Remote monitoring and island start are additional options.

Output scaling

In environments where demand for cooling changes continually, chiller output needs to do so in tandem whilst maintaining maximum efficiency. ChillTech’s implementation of multiple units in one package makes this a reality.

Individual units are activated or deactivated as required, leaving the remaining units operating at maximum output and ensuring supply always matches demand.

MultiPack GCXX Family

MultiPack AC1000 (2 x GC17s) 10RT
MultiPack AC1500 (2 x GC17s) 15RT
MultiPack AC2000 (2 x GC17s) 20RT
MultiPack AC2500 (2 x GC17s) 25RT

MultiPack EGCXX Family

MultiPack ALT1000 (2 x EGC17s) 10RT
MultiPack ALT1500 (2 x EGC17s) 15RT
MultiPack ALT2000 (2 x EGC17s) 20RT
MultiPack ALT2500 (2 x EGC17s) 25RT
MultiPack ALT3000 (2 x EGC17s) 30RT