Ammonia refrigerants have been used in cooling for over a century. Combining our proprietary heat exchange system based on this tried and tested technology with exhaust gases from diesel gensets or gas micro-turbines, our chillers turn waste heat from your generator into cool air and, if required, water.

GAX Absorption Cycle

ChillTech units are designed to plug into your existing diesel or gas genset, micro turbine or CHP system, quickly and easily. Waste heat from the exhaust is then captured, powering the cooling process. That heat boils an ammonia-water mixture, which condenses and re-evaporates in a closed-loop heat exchange to produce a constant supply of chilled and/or hot water, for use in air conditioning, heating, or refrigeration processes, as well as providing the opportunity to add a condenser to the system in order to make water from the air.

Our EGC17 chillers are dual-fired and able to provide their own power using internal gas burners. This may both supplement an existing heat source and ensure continuity of cooling and water supply should the main generator fail.

When operated solely on waste heat, ChillTech units can almost entirely negate net energy costs for cooling and water production.

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